Monday, June 18, 2018

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   As I sat in the Toyota waiting room, waiting for my car to be fixed, again, only to find out that the problem wouldn't be covered under Warranty, again, I decided to start this website.  Having problems is ok, I think, but I wonder: am I the only one being talked down by the good people of Toyota?  Maybe it was just this location, right?  No!  This was the third state, with the same treatment and complaint!

   This wasn't an old car.  I bought my Sienna new in 2004.  It kept breaking.  The head tech in AZ actually told me "You shouldn't buy a new car if you can't afford to maintain it".  The guy in UT said "You shouldn't drive your car so hard" (It's my wife's car!).  On the third year, the guy in MN said "yeah, we actually have seen this problem before, but there is nothing we can do...  And no, this is not covered by the warranty".

   Toyota later recognized the problem to be theirs (!!) and had a recall, but paid only 25% of what I had spent out-of-pocket.  This is just a short summary of the story, being stepped in the head at each step.

   Toyota, do you have to be so smug?  Do I have to beg to be treated with respect?  Am I the only one experiencing this?  No wonder all the press around the latest recall.  I heard so many good things about Toyota (that's why I bought one).  Am I the only one that feels I need to tell my story, to warn others?  Well, I built this website so that YOU can tell your story too.  I hope it  helps you feel better, and I hope that we can help tell the other side of the story.

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